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(From 1976-1980, many exact dates are unknown. We suggest you only use the YEAR menu for these years.)




(You can search for shows in any country by typing the country name above. The exception to this is for shows in the U.S.A. For these, you must search by state using the 2-letter abbreviation.)

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This page is a great way to dig through U2's concert history. What follows is a set of tips designed to help you find what you're looking for.

How This Search Works

This search form uses a combination of search formats, including "exact substring" and "like substring" depending on the data field. It will search for ALL parameters you choose on the form. For example: if you choose "Zoo TV - 1st leg" and "1980" your search will produce no results. Use common sense.

General Tips

  1. Don't enter quotation marks when searching.
  2. Don't use boolean expressions such as AND or OR. Every word you enter on the form will be included in your search.
  3. Make sure your spelling is correct. A search for "Roterdam" will produce zero results; a search for "Rotterdam" will produce accurate results.
  4. The search form and database are not case-sensitive. Capital letters make no difference.

Specific Tips

Date: as mentioned inside the search form, many exact dates are unknown for U2's concert appearances between 1976 and 1980. We suggest you only use the YEAR menu when searching for these years.

City: in most cases, European cities are listed in their local spelling (i.e. - Koln, Germany instead of Cologne, Germany). But this is not absolute and we are working to correct the inconsistencies. If you find errors, please email us at admin ... at ... u2tours ... dot ... com.

State/Country: also mentioned inside the search form, this field will allow you to search for specific countries other than the U.S., or for specific U.S. states. If you put USA in this field, your search will come up empty. If you do search by U.S. state, you need only use the appropriate two-letter abbreviation (CA for California, etc.). But be careful with this -- if you search for shows in Colorado by typing in CO, you will also get results for shows in Scotland, which also has the letters "co".

Helpful Country Information

The following countries/provinces are listed in the database exactly as follows.

N. Ireland
West Germany (pre-1989)

Netherlands (not Holland)
Czech Republic
South Africa

Song: it's best to enter just one song in this field, but you can enter more than one. Be aware that some of U2's lengthier song titles have been abbreviated in the database (such as I Still Haven't Found). If in doubt, you should try entering just the first couple words of longer song titles.

Keyword: this field will search the "Comments" field of our database. This field is where we typically list noteworthy facts about a particular show, such as

  • any well-known guest performers who may have joined U2 on stage
  • shows where U2 played a particular song for the first or last time
  • shows which had any unusual incidents, such as the PopMart Lemon breaking down!
  • etc.

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