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U2tours.com was conceived in 1999 and launched in 2000 in an effort to provide all U2-related tour news and information in one place.

Over the years, a number of webmasters and fans have worked on this site and given their time and energy freely. We remain thankful for the time and effort they gave us! Today, a handful of fans are involved in tracking the band's setlists, updating concert dates and information, processing reviews and photos submitted by U2 fans, and posting the latest U2 tour-related news and rumors on the site.

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If you have news or rumors to share, or set list comments/corrections, please send an email to admin ... at ... u2tours ... dot ... com

U2 Setlists

It's sometimes a challenge to decide how to post the set list from a U2 concert. Bono is known to sings short bits of other songs during U2 songs, sometimes as few as 3-4 words while the rest of the band keeps playing the main song. On other occasions, Bono and/or the whole band might do a longer bit of another song -- often appended to the end of a U2 song, such as the addition of a verse from "Unchained Melody" being played at the end of "One" during the Zoo TV Tour.

Our approach is generally like this: When it's a very short snippet of another song while U2 continues to play the main song, we won't include it in the proper setlist, but we will try to mention it in the recap/comments about the show if space allows. When it's a longer snippet, and/or when the main song stops so the other song can be sung/played, we will include it as part of the setlist.

We hope this explains why our setlists sometimes look different from other sites. We know fans rely on set lists to decide which U2 bootlegs to trade or borrow, and we don't want to lead you astray and make you think that U2 actually performed part of your favorite song (by another artist), when in reality Bono only sang the song title once or twice.

That said, we're always interested in hearing any suggestions or corrections you have to the setlists we post. The best way to do that is to use the email address listed above, and provide as much evidence as you can to explain why you think we got it wrong.


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