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26 New Concerts Added to U2tours.com Database

August 16, 2011

Source: U2tours.com

by m2

For the past several months, the U2tours.com staff has been digging through the archives of Irish and UK newspapers and magazines, scouring the web and hunting everywhere possible (blogs, forums, etc.) for information about U2's early concert history. That's already resulted in the addition of 16 new concerts back in February and 20 new shows in March (including the never-before-reported Tour De France Irish tour of 1980).

Today, we've added another set of newly discovered U2 concerts to our database -- 26 new shows, to be exact, along with 11 shows updated with new information and one show that turned out to be a false alarm. All of the details are below, including numerous scans from newspapers and magazines.

And we're not done yet. We'll continue to build out the biggest and most accurate list of U2 concerts online and we already have another batch of newly discovered concerts in the works. For now, though, enjoy our current set of discoveries below.


March 4, 1978 - Howth Presbyterian Church Hall, Dublin - The newspaper lists the venue as "Presbyterian Hall, Sutton" but we've been calling that the "Howth Presbyterian Church Hall" and will continue to do that for consistency.


July 2, 1978 - Blackrock Park, Dublin - U2 and a number of other local bands perform in a local park.

October 26, 1978 - Bagnall's, Dublin - U2 are billed as "The U2 Band" on advertisements for this show. It's U2's second show of the day, following an afternoon performance at Trinity College.

March 18, 1979 - Manhattan Lounge, Galway - It's likely that U2 played this gig as part of a six-hour concert with several other acts. Newspaper articles say U2 was one of seven bands in the running for four concert slots.

March 21, 1979 - Dublin Institute of Technology, Dublin - U2 plays a lunchtime gig as part of Rag Week festivities.

June 10, 1979 - Crofton Hotel, Dublin


July 5, 1979 - McGonagle's, Dublin

July 12, 1979 - McGonagle's, Dublin - The last show of U2's short residency at McGonagle's.

August 28, 1979 - Magnet Bar, Dublin - U2 does a gig for Rock Against Sexism.

September 1, 1979 - Arcadia Ballroom, Cork - with DC Nien

October 26, 1979 - McGonagle's, Dublin - The Blades open for U2.

November 2, 1979 - McGonagle's, Dublin - The Blades open for U2.


November 3, 1979 - Arcadia Ballroom, Cork - U2 opens for The Tearjerkers

November 8, 1979 - Trinity College, Dublin - U2 plays an afternoon gig.

November 15, 1979 - Queen's University, Belfast - U2 opens for Squeeze.

November 20, 1979 - NUU, Coleraine - U2 opens for Squeeze.


November 24, 1979 - Arcadia Ballroom, Cork

December 18, 1979 - The Venue, London - U2 opens for Doll By Doll. This is a previously unknown concert that was part of U2's first tour of London, the U2-3 tour. It happened three days after what was previously reported as the last show of the tour.


December 29, 1979 - Arcadia Ballrom, Cork - U2 opens for Protex

May 9, 1980 - Seapoint Ballroom, Galway - with Myster Men opening
May 14, 1980 - Showboat, Waterford - with Myster Men opening
May 15, 1980 - NIHE, Limerick - with Myster Men opening
May 16, 1980 - St. John's Hall, Tralee - with Myster Men opening
May 17, 1980 - Arcadia, Cork - with Myster Men opening


June 14, 1980 - Unknown venue, Dublin - U2 performs at the International Festival of Music in Dublin. We think this is an outdoor show in Clondalkin, Dublin.

August 15, 1980 - Theatre Hall, Gorey - U2 plays at the 11th Gorey Arts Festival.



March 18, 1978 - We've changed the name of the location where U2 won the Limerick Civic Week pop competition from Savoy Cinema to Stella Ballroom.

August 1, 1978 - We've removed this listing altogether; the show actually happened on May 5, 1979.

June 7 and June 14, 1979 - We've added four songs performed at each show as reported in concert reviews afterward.

September 6, 1979 - RTE Studios - According to the Irish Times TV guide, U2's appearance on the Aspects of Rock program aired on September 6, 1979. We had previously listed this as happening in October.

September 7 and September 8, 1979 - Project Arts Centre - U2 opens for Patrick Fitzgerald on consecutive nights. We'd previously listed these as unknown dates in September.

October 2, 1979 - Baggot Inn (This gig was previously listed as October 1 but with a note saying we don't know the exact date. Now we do.)


February 23, 1980 - Added The Kidz and The Blades as supporting acts.

July 28, 1980 - We've added a note that this concert never happened; there was no Dalymount Festival on this date. The nearest concert at this venue to this date was a Bob Marley gig on July 6, 1980. We believe U2's July 27, 1980 appearance at Leixlip Castle is often confused for a Dalymount Festival appearance.

December 22, 1980 - We've added several songs to the still-incomplete setlist based on a newspaper review of the concert: "The Ocean," "11 O'Click Tick Tock" (twice), "I Will Follow," "Boy-Girl," "Stories for Boys" and "Out of Control."


October 23, 1979 - U2 were reportedly going to play a gig in Cork with Horslips that RTE-TV would record, but later newspaper articles say it didn't happen - or, at least U2's involvement didn't happen.

So there you have it! Stay tuned for additional updates on our U2 concert discoveries as we continue to build out our database of all known U2 concerts.

(c) U2tours.com, 2011.



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