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Rumor: U2 to Tour in 2012?

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August 04, 2010

Source: U2tours.com

by m2

Speaking earlier this week to the Italian newspaper, La Stampa, U2 manager Paul McGuinness seemed to suggest that U2 will continue touring into 2012.

Italian fan site U2place.com posted the text of McGuinness' comments, and also provided us with an English translation. The relevant comment comes at the beginning of the interview, when the paper asks about Bono's health.

Mr McGuiness, please tell us how Bono is doing.

"It was a slipped disc. He's got paralyzed during daily exercise. We have had to wait for the German luminary, Professor Muller Wolhlfart, because he was in South Africa with German team during soccer world championship. We paid a lot of attention to this championship and Germany was always winning and he didn't come back! What a stress! But at the end of the day everything was fine. Of course I have had to announce about the postponement to one million of people in America but we'll be back on 2011, and even on 2012, I guess."

If true, it could mean a couple things:

1. The U2 360 Tour will end up covering four calendar years. It began in June, 2009, in Barcelona. In addition to this year's dates, U2 has already announced plans to tour North America in 2011.

2. Alternatively, assuming U2 puts out one or more new albums before 2012, any concert dates played in that year could be part of a separate tour not related to U2 360 in any way.

Either way, we can presume that any future tour plans depend a lot on how Bono's back responds to the European tour that starts on Friday.

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