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U2 360 Tour - Frequently Asked Questions

Version 1.7
Updated: January 16, 2011

This is an unofficial U2 360 Tour FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) that we hope will answer most questions any U2 fan may have.

1. Will more U2 360 dates be announced?

U2 continues to announce new concerts in a slow, trickle-like fashion. There's always a possibility of more shows being added. At the moment, the 2011 tour will take the band to South Africa, South America, and North America. We don't know if additional tour legs will be announced, but there are rumors that more shows will be added in Europe. These are just rumors for now.

2. Why isn't U2 playing my city?

We don't know why certain cities were chosen and others weren't. We do know that the decision to play only in big stadiums means that some cities (Portland, Oregon, for example) were out of the running for a show right away. U2's stage has a very large "footprint" and won't fit in some smaller stadiums.

3. What's the best way to find out about U2's tour plans?

We think you should bookmark U2tours.com and visit regularly. :-) You should also join the [u2tour] mailing list where you can get news and join in discussions specifically about U2's tours and live performances.

4. What do tickets cost?

There are four price points: $250, $90, $55, and $30. These prices are sometimes $5-$10 higher depending on local fees.

5. Are all the shows sold out?

Although many shows are advertised as "sold out" shortly after tickets go on sale, it's very common for U2 to continue releasing additional tickets as the concert date gets closer. You should keep checking Ticketmaster and other official ticket outlets.

6. What's this about a pre-sale?

Paid members of U2.com get access to try buying tickets during a pre-sale that happens before the general public can buy tickets. The pre-sale usually begins 3-5 days before the public on-sale date, and usually lasts for a couple days.

Keep an eye on the U2.com tour page for details of all U2.com member presales.

7. What is this (RED) Zone thing?

U2 and Ticketmaster are auctioning/selling some of the GA/floor tickets to the highest bidder, with a portion of the proceeds going to benefit Product (RED). Here's an article about the (RED) Zone auctions. This article shows you where the (RED) Zone is located in relation to the stage and stadium. Note that, at some concerts, (RED) Zone tickets were sold at a flat fee instead of auctioned.

8. Do you recommend trying to buy tickets online, via phone, or in-person?

There's no set answer for that - it depends. You should read this @U2 article for tips on how to buy U2 tickets.

9. What does the stage look like? How are the seats arranged in the stadiums?

This Rolling Stone article has a lot of information about "the claw," which is what the stage is called. Although the tour is called U2 360, and there will be visibility from anywhere in the stadium, the stage itself is not placed in the center of the stadium. It will sit at one end. This article shows the Stade de France stadum layout and how the stage fits in it. That's a common location for the stage. You can also see a ton of U2 360 tour photos on @U2 to get an idea of what a concert looks like from different angles.

10. Why do my GA tickets have a seat number? I thought GA was for standing on the field.

Yes, it is. But the seat numbers are how they track the number of tickets that have been sold. Don't worry -- unless you did the (RED) Zone auction, your GA tickets are not seated.

11. What does it mean that the tour is being sponsored by Blackberry?

It means U2 gets some extra money, which in turn allows them to keep ticket prices reasonable and pay for this gargantuan stage design. It means there are a lot of Blackberry signs and salespeople at every show. It also means there is some extra U2-related content available to Blackberry users. This is what Paul McGuinness said when the tour was announced:

"This tour announcement marks the first stage of a relationship and shared vision between RIM and U2 that we expect will lead to new and innovative ways to enhance the mobile music experience on the BlackBerry platform for U2 fans. We look forward to sharing more details as the relationship unfolds."

12. Can I bring a camera into the show?

Yes. Since 2001, U2 has openly allowed fans to bring cameras to their shows. Your camera, however, must be a point-and-shoot camera; DSLRs are not allowed. Some venues released information saying that your point-and-shoot camera must have a lense length of 3-inches or less to be allowed in.

13. Is there a lottery to get into the inner circle?

No. Entry into the stadium is first-come, first-served. There's no lottery involved.

14. What time should I get in the GA line if I want to get close to the band/stage?

The answer to that is different in every city and every venue. It depends how many fans decide to line up early. However, at nearly every North American concert -- and many European concerts, too -- fans reported being able to arrive at the venue in the late afternoon and still get in the inner circle, often within 5-6 rows of the main stage.

15. What time does U2 take the stage?

It depends on how many opening acts U2 has for the concert and what the starting time is. At most of the North American shows, the starting time was listed as 7:00 pm. The opening act typically played from 7:30 to 8:15 pm, and U2 came on at about 9:00 pm. But that's not set in stone.

16. How long does U2 play? When does the show end?

U2 typically plays for about 2 hours and 15 minutes.

17. Where can I find audio and/or video of the show I was at?

Here on U2tours.com, most of the recent shows will have links to U2torrents.com, where fans are sharing audio/video from the concerts. If you're not familiar with using torrents, see the U2torrents.com FAQ.



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